WaveTherm Corporation





The OpenCOTS Conduction Cooled PMC/XMC Accessories Kit employs cost-effective, standard thermo-mechanical components that can be rapidly deployed for harsh environments based on the VITA 20 Conduction Cooled PMC specification.

This kit includes:

Qty 2 - Removable Secondary Thermal Rails (P# 1433-XX)

  • Common part fits both sides of the PMC module which eliminates the need for unique upper or lower secondary rails.

Qty 1 - Removable Front I/O Bracket (P# 3578-XX)

  • Provides ready-access and allows for support of fielded PMC modules both with and without Front Panel I/O. 
  • SIngle design supports PMC modules with any configuration

Qty 1  - Removable Top Cover (P# 35085-XX)


  • Allows for support of both 4HP(0.80”) and 5HP(1.00”) slots.
  • 2-Level Maintenance with a single, modular host heatframe design. 

Plating to be specified by customer in notes section of checkout.

Injector-Ejectors are not included in this sales price, but are available upon request.