WaveTherm Corporation

Design - Validate - Compress

WaveTherm's OpenCOTS products and services offer distinct advantages that enable accelerated product development and qualification of high performance conduction-cooled modules while simultaneously delivering pre-determined costing strategies for multiple bus architecture module product lines and various mezzanine standards.

Design - Link to 3U Rugged Module Development Kits / 6U Rugged Module Development Kits

  • Define your configuration utilizing our OpenCOTS Part Number Builder
  • Obtain a PCB Reference Design for your configuration
  • Standardize mechanical hardware across your product line(s) enabling routine maintenance and common tool sets for end user
  • Provide enduring thermal solution that enables generational upgrades to products with minimal hardware modifications supporting long life cycle for deployed systems and more flight hours per product iteration. 

Validate - Link to 3U VPX Sealed, Thermal Test Enclosure / Link to 6U VPX Sealed, Thermal Test Enclosure / Link to Shake and Vibration Test Fixture 

  • Modular 3U and 6U VPX qualification products to verify thermal and structural performance 

Compress - Link to 3U and 6U Thermal Load Board Module / Link to 3U Hybrid VPX Thermal Load Board Module

  • Accomplish all design objectives accurately and quickly, while standardizing packaging components to deliver maintenance continuity/consistency and common tool sets to the end user
  • Conserve engineering resource allocations through utilization of proven standard product test platforms from WaveTherm, qualifying systems for deployment more rapidly