WaveTherm's OpenCOTS™ solutions offer distinct advantages to enable accelerated module and system development and deployment of high-performance critical embedded systems.

Define your configuration utilizing our OpenCOTS™ Part Number and Configuration Builder and obtain a PCB Reference Design and/or solid model for your planned configuration.


OpenCOTS™ Part Number/Configuration Builder


Standardize mechanical hardware across your product line(s) to enable routine maintenance and common tool sets for end user.

Provide enduring thermal solution that enables generational upgrades to products with minimal hardware modifications supporting long life cycle for deployed systems and more flight hours per product iteration.

Modular 3U & 6U VPX qualification products to verify thermal and structural performance. WaveTherm Thermal Test Enclosure

3U VPX Thermal Test Enclosure 

6U VPX Thermal Test Enclosure

WaveTherm Shock and Vibration Test Fixture 

Shake and Vibration Test Fixture



3U VPX Thermal Load Board Module  

3U and 6U Thermal Load Board Module


WaveTherm Hybrid Cooled Thermal Load Board Module

3U Hybrid VPX Thermal Load Board Module


Accomplish all design objectives accurately and quickly, while standardizing packaging components to deliver maintenance continuity/consistency and common tool sets to the end user.

Conserve engineering resource allocations through utilization of proven standard product test platforms from WaveTherm, qualifying systems for deployment more rapidly.