The OpenCOTS Convection Card Edge Kit employs cost-effective, standard Aluminum or Plastic Card Edges that can be rapidly deployed for PCB Layouts designed for Conduction Cards that use Secondary-Side Wedge Locks.

The Card Edge Kit mounts to the standard WaveTherm Secondary-Side Justified Wedge Lock PCB Layouts and allows for a Standard IEEE Front Panel to be mounted to the card, providing a robust, and easily deployed solution. 

Utilizing these kits enables a universal PCB design that can be tested and deployed in both conduction-cooled and convection-cooled applications.

The Card Edge Kits are designed for Layouts using  .225”, .250”, .300” and .365” wide SolidWedge clearances, based on standard WaveTherm PCB Layouts for Secondary-Side PCB Retainers. 


Convection Card Edge Kits for Secondary-Side PCB

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