Technology is ever changing and time to market is more critical than ever.

WaveTherm offers knowledge-based solutions for rugged single-board computer product development by delivering proven mechanical products and services to streamline your development cycle and minimize impact on your internal resources. 
trµCOTS™ RDK products are standardized thermo-mechanical, conduction or hybrid, conduction and convection-cooled heatframe assemblies. Please use the part number builder below to identify your application's configuration requirement, and then proceed to the desired product below.
The mechanical solution selected will contain a version-specific PCB reference design that your board designers can utilize to enable several standard mechanical components, and minimize the customization of the metal-to-PCB interface that is required for the thermal energy transfer via conduction-cooling. And of course, your designers continue to have complete control of electronic component selection and routing of the subject PCB.
The “Quantity 1” option is for “1” project for which you will receive quantity 5 fabricated heat frame units.  Once an order has been placed for "Qty 1" in your shopping cart for any product in this collection, you  will receive:
  • Quantity 5 conduction or convection-cooled, mechanical assemblies fabricated to perfectly match the component landscape of the populated subject PCB, along with all necessary mounting hardware and thermal interface material.
  • Competitive, production price quote after initial prototype fabrication.
    • Option to purchase SLA of final design for mechanical fit-checking / dimensional verification prior to metal fabrication.
    • Option to purchase solid models of the mechanical assembly design that corresponds to the populated, subject PCB.
    • Option to purchase thermal analysis(FEA or CFD) of the populated, subject PCB assembled with mechanical solution in the intended environment for the end product.


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