WaveTherm Corporation

OpenCOTS VPX & CPCI Rugged Design Kits



OpenCOTS is a line of standard mechanical and thermalproducts from WaveTherm for VPX and cPCI applications.

They are intended for companies which build open, modular computing solutions.

In today's DoD budget reduction environment, single-board
computer manufacturers which rely on WaveTherm can
improve the thermal performance of their embedded
computers, spend more of their R & D dollars on
resources for their key value-add, and be more flexible to
the needs of their customers.


Kits Feature:

Comply to VPX or CPCI Standards

  • Customizable Heat Plates
  • Innovative XMC/PMC Heat
  • Plates for Sec. Rail Mtg

Standard Setups:

  • PMC / XMC (RemovableSecondary Rails / Frames)
  • FMC (Removable Secondary Rails / Frames)
  • COM-Xpress
  • Front I/O
  • Primary or Secondary Side Wedge Locks
  • Common PCB Layouts for Conduction and Air-Cooled Designs

Kit Includes:

  • Host Heat Frame
  • Secondary Side Heat Frame
  • PMC / XMC Heat Slugs
  • Pair of SolidWedge PCB Retainers/wedgelocks/card locks
  • Field Replaceable Injection / Ejection Handles
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Assembly Hardware
  • 3D Models Available

Materials: Aluminum 6061-T6, Copper, Aluminum 6106-T6

  • All Heat Frames
  • All Covers
  • SolidWedge PCB Retainers/wedgelocks/card locks