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PCB layout for this configuration           


OC-CC-CPCI-3U-4HP-SS-225-FMC  /  OpenCOTS, Conduction-Cooled Heatframe Assembly. 

Form Factor - CompactPCI  /  Width - 3U  /  Height - 4HP

Secondary-Side Ultra Low-Profile .225" wide SolidWedge Wedgelocks 

Designed for use with populated FMC Mezzanine Site

The “Quantity 1” option listed in the shopping cart is for “1” project for five fabricated heat frame assemblies.

Deliverables -  

1) WaveTherm engineers will submit an EDrawing or 3D PDF of completely designed mechanical assembly for customer evaluation.

2) Once customer approval has been granted, WaveTherm will manufacture quantity 5 mechanical assemblies of approved design.

Lead-Time - Design: 1 to 2 weeks  /  Fabrication: 3-4 weeks 

This fabricated assembly shall contain all mechanical requirements including heatframe, top or bottom covers, ejectors, brackets, thermal interface material, mounting hardware, and plated surface finish. Plating for design to be specified by customer. 

Once order is placed via the WaveTherm webstore, please submit the following information to 

1) Fully-dimensioned, accurate IDF or DXF of final, populated subject PCB. Must adhere to PCB reference design for this configuration. Customized portion of mechanical assembly shall be derived from customer's final PCB design.

2) Electronics Datasheets for components generating greater than 2W. 

Upon receipt of order, WaveTherm will email a PRE-DESIGN DXF file of the PCB Reference Design for this configuration for convenience. 

During the checkout process, customer will also receive:

    • Option to purchase SLA of final design for mechanical verification to PCB prior to metal fab. NRE Price range $300-$400 USD.
    • Option to purchase solid models of the mechanical assembly design that corresponds to the populated, subject PCB. NRE Price range $500-$2,500 USD.
    • Option to purchase thermal analysis (FEA or CFD) of the populated, subject PCB assembled with mechanical solution in the intended environment for the end product. NRE Price range $750-$1,000 USD.

Thank you for considering WaveTherm. We look forward to supporting you in any way that we can.