WaveTherm Corporation

6U VPX & 6U CPCI Thermal Simulation


Thermal Analysis - 

WaveTherm Corporation shall use the heatframe assembly solid models created for your PCB and perform a steady-state thermal analysis of the new design.

Definition of Thermal Analysis - 

Using a thermal analysis software package, WaveTherm Corporation will perform a steady-state heat transfer analysis to predict component temperatures for your design in its intended environment. The analysis phase will assume worst-case thermal scenarios to predict component temperatures. 

Conduction Cooled Design Environment - 

Conduction Heat transfer only, natural convection and radiation will be ignored during the analysis

Operating Temperature: 0C Cold Wall to determine the steady state temperature rise of each critical component

Board thermal interface material and finish shall be chosen to maximize thermal transfers. 

Deliverables - 

  • Purchase of "Quantity 1" is for one thermal simulation set-up, and one simulation at your desired environmental parameters. 
  • The results of the thermal analysis will be presented in spreadsheet format, and delivered via email.