WaveTherm Corporation

3U VPX Conduction Cooled Thermal Load Board Module



WT ASSY # - 43094-00

The WaveTherm 3U Conduction-Cooled Thermal Load-Board Module is a cost-effective solution for thermal testing of rugged or Mil-Spec enclosures and systems using wedge locks.  This PCB design permits your choice of either Primary or Secondary side wedgelock positioning for downstream system compatibility.


  • Complies to VPX Standards
  • Customizable Heat Plates 
  • 115W Dissipated at 5, 12, 24, 48 volts
  • Primary or Secondary-Side Wedgelocks
  • Two Type T Thermocouples located in heatframe with leads accessible to user


  • IEEE 1101.2
  • VITA 48.2
  • CompactPCI 

Kit Includes:

  • Host Heat Frame
  • PCB Load Board
  • Primary or Secondary Side Heat Frame
  • Pair of SolidWedge Card Retainers
  • Field Replaceable Injection / Ejection Handles
  • Thermal Interface Materials
  • Assembly Hardware
  • 3D Models Available

Aluminum 6061-T6
- All Heat Frames
- All Covers
- SolidWedge

Other Materials Available:
Aluminum 6101-T6