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6U, Injector-Ejector with 3-32 Hex Key Captive Screw


* Mounting Hardware is optional, but will be required for successful installation to mechanical heatframe assembly. WaveTherm offers the following options for hardware delivered as a kit with the injector-ejector, but customer must define the necessary hardware within the part number. 

WaveTherm PN 14238-Plating-Hardware kit 

Sleeve/Standoff Lengths Available:

Sleeve/Standoff Length Part Number
3/16" 1875
1/4" 250
5/16" 3125
3/8" 375


*The sleeves/standoffs are 1/8th inch outer

diameter. .125” inch is the hole size needed on

the heatframe with a threaded hole at the

bottom for the M2 screw.


Plating options for this product:

Black Anodize per MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 2 - BA   

Chemical Film per MIL-C-5541, Class 1A, Clear - CC  

Chemical Film per MIL-C-5541, Class 1A, Gold, non-RoHS - CG  

Electroless Nickel per MIL-C-26074, Class 4, Grade B, Bright - EN


Hard Black anodize plating is not recommended for this product, as the pressing in of the captive screw can cause small micro-fractures in the plating which can flake or break off over time. If Hard Black is required, please contact WaveTherm to mitigate any risks associated with this plating option, or to identify an acceptable alternative.